Mon, Apr 8, 2024

1:32 pm – 1:41 pm

Lampasas Texas

Solar Events

doLampasas is offering to help you with all of your promo needs for the Eclipse. Contact us to find out more!

solar eclipse in lampasas

Check out the Cosmic Camp-out along Sulphur Creek in downtown Lampasas! Witness the solar eclipse, enjoy serene nature within steps of city amenities in a secure, family-friendly environment.

Engage with NASA experts, dive into cosmic wonders through advanced telescopes, and enjoy a secure and comfortable camping experience. Whether tenting or RVing, gather under the night sky to create unforgettable memories with family and friends!

solar eclipse lampasas texas

Join other campers out at an old vintage airplane Hangar with an airstrip to watch the eclipse on!

Bison Cove Ranch is hosting people out  on their property.

Treehouses, RV’s and campsites…oh my!


ya’ll come back now ya hear …

ya’ll come back now ya hear